Here’s how to learn the basics of karkov key to success as a Blogger.

Blogging, just like every other career needs nurturing and a lot of dedication to yield good results.

Phase I

There are certain things to look out for in other to get to that stage of being called a Pro Blogger and get that karkov key to success.


In as much as you want to become popular as a Blogger, you must learn to be dedicated.

A lot of people out they claim they are  Pro blogger but never take what they do seriously but this Karkov key to success will be an eye-opener.

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You must make out time to study and make research on things that will help you grow as a Blogger.

Paying serious attention to those little things you think don’t matter is a key factor.

Things you should take into serious consideration are your security, bounce rate, contents length, image optimization, speed of your blog, etc.


You need to find motivation in what you do and in those on the same lane of Blogging.

Most of the time, blogging can be frustrating and stressful so what do you do?

Learn to always take a break, more especially if you are Blogging all alone.

Choose the best time to post new content, either twice a day or three times per week. Consistency is key in blogging.

Work Smart:  

When it comes to blogging you should learn to work smart and not always hard.

Why? because other people have been in the industry before you.

Always check out your competitor’s strategies and try to do better.

If you find our your competitors write articles of 500 words to outrank you then double what they do.

Get a good content writer to write something interesting and lengthy.


SEO is a gradual process, you learn new things concerning SEO daily.

If you can’t personally work on your SEO then get paid traffic to your blog or pay an SEO expert for the services.

You need a lot of traffic to earn massively, less traffic means less income.

Invest more money on your blog to get to that point you want it to be.

Research Making

Another important thing you need to know in other to succeed as a Blogger how to make research.

Yes as sarcastic as it may sound, you need proper Keyword research to rank on search engines.

If you don’t know what your visitors want how can you provide solutions?

Keywords research has been the backbone of Blogging since the beginning of time.

As a typical newbie in Blogging, keyword research should be part of your driving force to succeed amidst the high competition.

Without Keywords your blog will just be on the web without being found by those you intend to assist.

For free Keyword research, you can always use ahrefs for your free Keyword research making.

Phase II

Let say before you made up your mind to go into any blogging niche, certain achievements must have stimulated you.

To Make Money

The purpose of doing any job is to get returns at the end of each month or period.

One doesn’t just choose to waste time and resources on something that won’t yield a good income.

Burning of data, spending time and money to get good content should have something to keep you going.

The desire to make money is part of the driving force behind every great Blogger.

To make enough money you need to come up with different strategies and techniques.

Here are some means to monetize your blog

I. You can choose to earn solely on AdSense which is powered by Google or other Ads network.

II. Affiliate programs can be another means of making good money on your blog.

A lot of bloggers sell products from third-party sites or companies and earn high revenue via this means.

III. Sponsored Posts are part of how you can monetize your blog. Let people pay to advertise their posts or articles on your blog by creating special sections for sponsorship.


If for some reason you go into Blogging with just the mindset of making money without passion for what you do, then the chances of succeeding are very slim.

You should blog because you have something unique to offer to your audience to read about.

Although from the beginning it might seem very tough and stressful the joy of doing something you love doing will always push you on.

I hope I was able to help you in some ways, how do you see this Karkov key to success in Blogging.?

Please drop a comment.

Thank you for reading.