How you can get your blog posts indexed within seconds


Today we will be taking a look at how you can get your blog posts indexed within seconds of publishing.

Blog Post indexex within seconds 

How to get Google to indexed your blog posts within seconds

Without Google indexing your content, there’s no way you can find it on their search engine results.

Most Bloggers (Newbies) often complain about not seeing their sites or posts on Google even after a lot of effort to write good content.

This is as a result of not doing the needful when setting up a new blog.

Remember, when it comes to blogging you don’t just work hard but smart. Every day new techniques keep coming up.

Ways to get your blog posts indexed by Google within seconds.

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After creating your blog the next thing in line is to connect it to GSC = Google Search Console.

So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of connecting one’s blog to GSC before proceeding.

Google search console helps in so many ways this includes but not limited to the following__

1. Collecting of site Data

2. Monitoring How Traffic is delivered to your site.

3. Notifies you of pages with errors.

4. Gives suggestions on how to maintain bounce rate.

5. Indexing of web pages etc.

If you do not know how to link your site to GSC then get a webmaster to do the job.

 Here’s a little guide for you to set up your GSC and start collecting data from your site.

Log on to with your domain email address, you have to verify your domain ownership.

The easiest way is to copy the code given to you and place it in between the <head> tag and <body> of your site HTML.

Verification takes few minutes and you are good to go, then back to how you can index your blog posts within seconds.

While you are still on the Google search console page you need to set up your very important blog sitemap.

Your sitemaps are tracks Google bots follow to crawl your site.

So without sitemaps, it would be a wasted effort searching for your blog on Google.

I. Navigate to the GSC sidebar where you find different functions, locate the page titled Sitemaps.

II. Click on the Sitemaps, if you haven’t already submitted the Sitemaps space will be empty.

III. Type the following on the space provided

IV. Click on submit and Google bots immediately start looking for web pages on your site.

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What happens if your blog/website doesn’t get indexed by Google?

If Google doesn’t index your website or blog then the chances of showing on search results are zero.

It is highly recommended to make your website indexable to search engines like Google and Bing.

Follow these tips and Google immediately index your blog posts.

Google bots crawl web pages every second in search of new information, all you have to do is thus.

Blog posts, indexed, seconds, 

Google bots searching for web pages

1. Post relevant content regularly.

2. Use good SEO tools on your site. NB: these tools serve as helping hands-on content you publish.

3.  Google bots crawl through already indexed pages to new ones. Try to always interlink your articles to one another.

4. Try to discover all pages that have been recently indexed and interlink them with recently published posts. They should get indexed automatically within seconds.

Alternatively, you can simply copy your recent blog link and paste it on URL INSPECTION, then request for indexing.

Give it a few minutes then paste the URL on Google, you should see a snapshot of your article which means it has been indexed.

Thanks for reading.

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