Red flags to look out for when asking a girl out

5 Signs A Girl Is toying With Your Heart When Asking Her  Out.

Everyone gets caught up in the web of love sometimes or at a point in life. It's ok to be loved ,it's ok to feel loved too. Everyone likes to feel special.But if someone is going overboard , pretending to lead you on it can hurt a great deal.

Love they said is a beautiful thing when played well. But loving can hurt too especially when you are in a limbo or the person you love don't even have any iota of love for you but only pretend to be comfortable around you.

Sometimes a girl can become your addiction, especially when you are crazily in love with her. You don't even care if your mind is screwed or you are losing it. You don't even know her thoughts. You just want her. You are literally obsessed with her.

Once you’re stuck in the clutches of a girl who leads you on, you have no choice until you realize and retrace your step. It might as well be too late even before you recognize it.

If you don’t know the red flags to look out for, your heart will suffer and your love life could be miserable.

While you might not be able to read a girls mind (no matter how much we try), at least you could read some strong signs that could pose to be a good  indicator , she's only toying with you.

However, below are some of the red lights to watch out for when asking a girl out to avoid being overly hurt.

1.She leads you on:

Leading on! I call this one emotional manipulation. Yeah,  everyone is guilty of manipulation at one point or another.
It is true that when you want something you go for it. In the same vein ,on the quest of going for it you have got to be careful so you won't get hurt at the end and lose both your self-esteem and the thing. 

When it comes to chasing a girl or trying at all course to win a girl you have got to be extremely careful. Some girls would give you all the signs that will make you think you are hitting the target already and sooner than later you going hit the jackpot. You have got to watch this. Because some of them can lead you on, toy with your heart ,and then at the end you find out that they are using you to catch crusie. Even when they look into your eyes and see love there, they only feel good to have all your attention and time at your own expenses for the fun. Instead of saying they are not interested and end it that way, they still give you hope that you gonna win their heart .

At the moment she might not even be  interested in someone else, or passing through torrid times due to her past experiences. But instead of rejecting you outrightly, she keep mixing up things.

As a guy you have got to watch this red flag.  However, if you are convinced she is playing with you and all the signs are written even visible to the blind and audible to the deaf ,you have to walk out on her before it is too late.

Whenever you notice it ,that a girl is just leading you on not that she want or will accept you ,just back off because it will might end in tears.

2. She thinks of you as a friend.

Ladies can be complicated and complex. Sometimes you totally would not understand them, there feelings or what they want. They could get warm and cozy with you in one minute another minute the are moody and outta reach.

A girl can think of you, see you as just a friend even when she knows you are in love with her and want her. That is why as a guy you have got to be extra careful when dealing with them so you don't end up hurting your own feelings and emotion.

The truth is that you have got to study the signs ,read the signals well. You may just have to find out she's just think of you as a friend, and you are misreading her signals thinking your are getting closer to winning her heart. She doesn't think your  friendship means more than it does. Watch out this red flag.

3. She tells you she like/love you.

This could be tricky and dangerous at same time because this is the exact words your heart wants to here. At this point you have to be sensitive enough. If you are not careful enough to discern well, and you follow the sweetness that comes with that statement, it  could actually cost you a thing.  She could use this as a click bait or  strategy to  make you do a lot of favors for her.

4. She calls you her bestie/Best friend.

As a guy you have to be careful here to read the signs. Be careful being called her "best friend'' especially when your love interest is strong for her because more often than not she ends up with another guy. You should know when to walk away. She could be saying ,you’re a great guy but she doesn't feel that spark. 

Literally, she doesn't feel sexual connection with you. She sees you as a good friend or even a brother.

5. She flirts with you.

Once she claims you are her bestie/best friend she can blow cold or hot. She could even  flirt with  you and same time hook up with another guy because to her their is nothing exclusive with you guys.

According to Sherman

“It’s as important to look at a person’s actions as it is to listen to his/her words,” 

The one truth you need to Know as a guy to help you when dealing with girls is that  girls have things figured out in their head.

A girl you love can flirt a lot with you, then two minutes later, be flirting with someone else. This is a good sign she's leading you on. It's a red flag you have to cut the chase and run. 

Now,the question is "Why do girls lead guys on"?

Why do girls lead guys on?

1. You are the funny guy

Everyone likes to laugh, and when you find someone with a sense of humour to you, that's a really cool and you would appreciate their presence.

Some girls could lead a guy on because they want and enjoy his presence, company, attention. Maybe he's the funny guy who could just crack a joke and make her feel better in the moment. They actually love the fun and drama that comes with it with or without realizing they are leading you on and hurting you emotionally.

2. She needs you when she's lonely.

Girls want to feel love up, feel better in anyway. They like attention and the fun that comes with it. A girl can be distant from your heart connection . Instead of rejecting you outrightly she would make you feel at home whenever she's lonely, you are the go-to guy .She needs you when she’s lonely. The only time she would make you feel she love you is when she's bored and lonely. That time she would want you to be around her ,she would even tell you how much she misses you just for you to spend time with her at the moment.

At her beck and call , because you love her, you want her you are chasing after her, you are bound  to satisfy her want without you realizing she's leading you on. She doesn’t care about you

3. Some ladies  too could be nice and friendly to you but doesn't realize that they are leading you  on until it happens. She doesn’t realise she is hurting you .

4. Back Up Plan

She could be using you as a backup plan or to draw attention and pass time She loves to hang around with you, even gets touchy-feely with you, and then  behaves like she is your girlfriend. 

5. She  may not be interested  in someone else, but she is confused and needs some time to figure things out, at the same time don't want to let you go . This Could be the case ,bit trust me no man would want to be kept in suspense and uncertainty.

6. Finally, she may be interested in someone else ,but instead of rejecting you outrightly,she keeps make you feel welcome and loved.

I hope this article can help most guys escape the clutches of girls who seems to be leading them on.

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